The Comedy of Errors (2020)

Grosvenor Park roars back into life for one production in August with Shakespeare’s joyous, open-hearted farce. Two sets of separated twins loose on the island of Ephesus; things are bound to get complicated. And they do. Masters & servants, husbands & wives, parents & children, strangers & natives all get terribly confused in Shakespeare’s mishap strewn comedy. A rare, wildly light-hearted treat for all ages.

“Yet this my comfort: when your words are done,
My woes end likewise with the evening sun.”

A hot ticket and a rare treat for a theatre-starved and holiday at home summer. Will it be a business as usual? No, but it’s going to be great fun. Find out how it’s changed here.

Directed in style and safety by Grosvenor Park’s very own Artistic Director Alex Clifton

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