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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

You arrive to see a single drum kit on stage and then the revelry begins as party-goers in modern dress start the ball rolling and it doesn’t stop, with only the interval letting you catch your breath.”
“There’s magic dust is in abundance – go and fall under the charm of this spellbinding interpretation of Shakespeare’s most accessible and joyous of comedies.” Wirral Globe – ★★★★★


Julius Caesar

Occupies the space with swagger and confidence.”
“It captures well the chaos that follows assassination, and the relationship between Richard Pepper’s self-righteous, tactically disastrous Brutus and Christopher Staines’s testily explosive Cassius is well charted. James Weaver as a blunt-speaking, Geoffrey Boycott-like Casca and Anne Odeke as a ubiquitous Soothsayer lend striking support.” The Guardian (Michael Billington) – ★★★★


Alice in Wonderland
Humpty Dumpty played by the hugely talented Daniel Goode,  the Duchess, thoroughly entertaining and energetic,  brought to life by the amazing Charlotte Gorton and the fabulous Caolan McCarthy delivered an enchanting Cheshire Cat,  a fabulous Tweedledum and numerous other characters.” North West End – ★★★★★


'The Two Gentlemen of Verona', Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre (c) Mark Carline 4

The Two Gentlemen of Verona
Alex Clifton ensures that even the unlikeliest twists of Shakespeare’s troublesome Two Gentlemen of Verona are crystal clear”
“If this production is any indicator, Chester is set for some great storytelling from its new Storyhouse in the years to come”
“Narrative clarity and committed performances make for a lively and accessible production” The Stage – ★★★★


As You Like It

“Magical treatment of this most implausible of Shakespeare’s comedies”
“As You Like It often feels like a jigsaw of a play and some of the plot points are so implausible that they defy common sense. Director Philip Wilson makes light work of ignoring the unlikely and uses a strong sense of wonder and a keen eye for comedy to suspend the audience’s disbelief.” The Stage ★★★★

'Stig of the Dump' at Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre (c) Mark McNulty 4

Stig of the Dump

“Clive King’s classic tale of a boy’s friendship with a mysterious caveman is retold with panache, poignancy and rousing percussion in this absorbing adaptation”
“As for the realisation of Stig himself, I wouldn’t wish to spoil the surprise; except to declare that it is pure, theatrical magic” The Guardian – ★★★★
“This is family theatre of the highest standard” The Stage – ★★★★★



Romeo and Juliet

“This compelling outdoor production stills the rustling of sandwich wrappers by adapting perfectly to its environment, with food fights and fizz”
“The performances are bold, brisk and well-defined” The Guardian  ★★★★
“As the star-crossed lovers, [Jessica Clark & Adam Harley] are intoxicated and intoxicating – brimming over with youthful life and love and fun; shimmering like butterflies newly free of the chrysalis” The Observer   ★★★★

mwow thumbnail

Merry Wives of Windsor

“The end of the final performance saw a well-deserved standing ovation which seemed to sum up the feelings of audiences (totalling around 25,000) throughout the run,”
“a programme of first-class theatre in an unrivalled setting” – British Theatre Guide


The Wind in the Willows

“Poet Glyn Maxwell’s wistful adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s riverside story plays down Toad and ramps up its proto-psychedelic mood”
“It is hard to imagine a more congenial location for Wind in the Willows than Grosvenor Park; a pleasant greensward sandwiched between the Dee and the city of Chester, where wildlife calls penetrate the action and the audience stretches out on picnic blankets for an afternoon by the river” The Guardian – ★★★★




“credit is due to the imaginative staging of director Alex Clifton and the cast for creating the perfect atmosphere” British Theatre Guide
“Since it’s opening in 2010, Artistic Director Alex Clifton and his team have prided themselves on delivering top quality performances to the City of Chester, and thankfully Clifton’s energetic and innovative production of Macbeth is no exception” The Reviews Hub ★★★★

A Comedy of Errors 2014

The Comedy of Errors

“This time last year I declared that Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre’s Othello was “faultless”. I am delighted to report that this year’s The Comedy of Errors was even better”
“The welcoming/hospitality team are as good as the cast and ensure that every single audience member’s needs are seen to”
“As the narrative matured so did the night sky leaving The Comedy of Errors under the spotlight and leaving audience members moonstruck”
WhatsOnStage  ★★★★★


The Secret Garden

“Ingenious design in an alfresco setting”
“boasts heart, charm and a thoroughly convincing cast”
“The infrastructure of Grosvenor Park theatre becomes more impressive by the year. What began as a few raked seats around a flowerbed has evolved into a fully enclosed amphitheatre that echoes Chester’s Roman foundations, and Kate Saxon’s production proves to be a delightful way to fill it”
The Guardian ★★★★


Othello-Grosvenor-Park-Open-Air-Theatre transfer


Simon Coombs takes on the eponymous character Othello and gives a truly mighty performance”
“Thanks to the Grosvenor Park team for such a magical day. I can say with certainty that I will be there next year”
“this Othello is faultless” What’s On Stage ★★★★★
“take along a picnic, a chilled bottle of wine and enjoy an evening of magnificence” The Reviews Hub  ★★★★


Cyrano de Bergerac

“Glyn Maxwell’s admirable new adaptation”
“director Lucy Pitman-Wallace devises a visual poetry to complement the text”
” incredibly moving”
“for all the excellence of the ensemble, this is a play that demands a commanding central performance. It receives one from Edward Harrison”
 The Guardian 


A Midsummer Night’s Dream

“Here’s a marvellous convenient place for our rehearsal,” declares Peter Quince. I couldn’t agree more. In four years, Chester’s Grosvenor Park theatre has grown from a spartan bank of seating into a perfect wooden O with audience cover, an expanded repertoire and upgraded picnic facilities. It’s the most congenial place to while away the time, even before you get to the Shakespeare – and that isn’t bad either!” The Guardian ★★★



Masters Are You Mad?

“Glyn Maxwell is clearly an author of some merit, as with this script the transition between original and supposition is barely noticeable and indeed, in parts, is certainly worthy of being bracketed within the same stable”
“fine performances and the excellent directorship of Robin Norton-Hale”
“quite magical to watch”
“an atmosphere of quintessential Englishness” The Stage

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night

“Hey ho, the wind and the rain. Chester’s charming open-air theatre has entered its third season with the welcome innovation of a canopy over the seating area” The Guardian ★★★★
“As the daylight fades, and the temperature drops, Grosvenor Park reveals itself to be a vital element of the production. Melancholia is in the air, and Feste’s heartbreaking final song against the rustling of the leaves on the trees is truly affecting” The Reviews Hub  ★★★★★
“a delightful setting for Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, a tale of mistaken identity and mischief” What’s On Stage  ★★★★



As You Like It

“Now in its second year, Chester’s Grosvenor Park company has rapidly established itself as an attractive, northern alternative to the Globe and Regent’s Park” The Guardian 
“Shakespeare could not have wished for a better production of As You Like It than that which is being played out beneath the trees of Grosvenor Park”
“smacks of sheer energy, fizz and enthusiasm”
“simply stunning and deserves to be lauded” The Stage 


Merlin and the Woods of Time

Merlin and the Woods of Time

“If 2011 delivers a more entertainingly bonkers play than Glyn Maxwell’s Merlin and the Woods of Time, then I’d like to see it”
“Maxwell – an admired poet who has made numerous imaginative attempts at drama and verse-drama in the past – goes for broke in rustling up a comedy that almost outdoes Monty Python and the Holy Grail (to which it is plainly indebted) in silliness”
“a warm-hearted, family-friendly hoot”
The Telegraph  ★★★★


much ado

Much Ado About Nothing

“A handsome, Regency-era feel, filled with a Jane Austenish flutter of excitement”
The Guardian  ★★★★
“This is a stylish, engaging and accessible production that had a very wet audience captivated”
“the whole cast works together to create a wondrous theatrical event”
“The setting itself is gorgeous – sympathetically built around the beautifully sculpted Grosvenor Park”
“a very special and magical experience” The Reviews Hub  ★★★★





“an amiable comedy for all ages”
“full of felicitous touches”
The Guardian ★★★★
“the perfect setting”
“a very funny, accessible script that somehow brings Greek mythology bang up to date without losing any of its magic and wonder”
“perfect for a family audience and great in the outdoors” The Reviews Hub ★★★★